Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Virus attacks Gaussian Internet bank accounts

Kaspersky has reported on the threat of a new Computer Virus that steals user data and passwords for Internet banking.The Gauss virus damage has been reported in the Middle East this week and is expected to attack banks for Internet users in the World.
According to reports released by Kaspersky Lab later this week, the virus Gauss seeks to steal information for bank fraud.
Although it has been discovered recently, it was reported that Gauss has been in operation since last year and its mode of attack is similar to the Flame and Stuxnet virus, previously known.
The Gauss virus source code is quite complex and dangerous as it is based on a program made to steal nuclear research of the government of Iran , in addition to stealing the information entered by Internet,
has been reported that can take History Data navigation, cookies and even the settings made in the
infected computer system.

“You can also steal access credentials for various online banking systems and payment methods,
analyzing the virus shows that Gauss was designed to steal data from several banks in Lebanon,as
well as Citibank and PayPal. "

We recommend making constant revisions of your computer, not to save passwords and if possible, make
periodic changes of passwords on your accounts, to avoid unpleasant incidents happen as identity theft
and income by malicious people.

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