Sunday, 19 August 2012

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Mobile Operators can suspend their services in Pakistan during Eid

After recent attack on Minhas Airbase in Kamra,Pakistan Telecommunication Authority(PTA)and Ministry Of Interior has written letters to the telecom operators of Pakistan to block all services during Eid. This letter was sent in order to maintain any type peace and to keep citizens safe from expected terrorist attacks.

We have also seen in the past,that TTP and other terrorist groups have been using mobile sims in order to complete their missions which they were assigned. Terrorist also using these SIMs to activate bombs.In many cities of Pakistan like Peshawar you can get SIM without registration from the dealer. According to PTA guidelines you can't take sims until you have submitted your CNIC copy with the required proofs.

The letter is written to foil the plans of terrorists. PTA and Ministry of Interior has also ordered the operators to remain alert during Eid. According to some sources PTA has blocked telecom services in some areas of Pakistan which include Quetta and some parts of Balochistan.

US Embassy in Pakistan has also ordered its workers to not move in the country during Eid days. They have also ordered that the workers should remain in a safe and secure plan.


The Minister of Interior Abdul Rehman Malik which most of the Pakistanis call Rehman Malik giving a media statement has stated that mobile services will not be blocked in whole Pakistan. Telecom services will be block in those parts where they have doubt of terrorist activity. It is clear from Interior Minister statement that in the big cities like Islamabad,Lahore,Karachi and Rawalpindi telecom services will work fine and will not be blocked.
Sources from PTA has said that telecom operations are blocked in Red Zones of Karachi and in Lahore as well as in the areas surrounding Lahore. The operations will remain closed till 11:00am PST ,20-August-2012 in Karachi and 12:00pm PST in Lahore and surrounding areas. PTA has also stated that telecom operations will also be blocked in further areas.

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