Tuesday, 14 August 2012

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3G Auctions in Pakistan to be held within 4 Months

Before I start this post. From my side wishing you a very Happy Independence Day.

3G in Pakistan is becoming the most important topic of many Pakistani webmasters. This topic has been discussed in many big forums and websites. But still the million dollar question is unsolved. Can Pakistan get 3G before the end of this year?

On this Monday,Pakistan Telecommunication Authority(PTA) told Senate's Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat that they have planned to Auction 3G technology in Pakistan before the end of this year. The 3G auctions are being delayed since 2 years for which Pakistan lost the chance of earning 20 Billion annually.

Senator Kalsoom Parveen headed the Senate's Standing Committee and showed serious concerns over the continuous delay of 3G auctions in Pakistan. PTA estimated that 3G technology can bring 800$ million investment in Pakistan.

Addressing the committee the chairman of PTA told that the delay in auctions was caused due to the objections raised by Auctions Supervisory committee. Moving further he also mentioned that everything is fine now and hurdle had gone far away.

The Universal Service Fund(USF)present in the market told that the organization have 42 billion rupees. Chairperson Kalsoom Parveen ordered PTA and USF to use this money on advertisements instead of providing the telecom services in the remote areas of the country.

The Committee also ordered the immediate removal of the member of Finance of PTA,Nasarullah Karim Ghaznavi. Parveen showed serious concern over the appointment of Nasarullah because Nasarullah didn't met the minimum criteria to be appointed as member of finance.

The 47 billion tax issue of telecom providers in Pakistan was also raised in the meeting by Federal Board Of Revenue(FBR). Officials from FBR also asked the committee to help them in collecting the tax from telecom companies. Officials from both FBR and PTA promised to sit in meeting together to dissolve this issue.

I hope that we will soon taste 3G technology in Pakistan. Peace and Blessings!

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