Wednesday, 29 August 2012

How To Use Google As Your Proxy

We all know that what does proxy means and what we can do with it. Proxies are mostly used by hackers to hide their identities while doing illegal tasks. Sometimes blogger use proxies to make multiple accounts on restricted sites and on Adsense too when Google blocks their ip addresses.Using Proxy is not illegal but it depends upon you how you use proxies.

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By using proxies you can open a blocked website in your country. There are many free proxy sites that you can use for free but sometime they will not work properly. For this many people have to buy proxies online to visit the restricted websites in their countries without facing any problem.

But today I will guide you how to use Google as your proxy.So you don't have to pay others to get proxies.I know most of the internet experts will know about the information that I am going to share but still some newbies in the town have the rights to get this knowledge.

Use Google as your proxy:

STEP I: Go to Google Translate first.

STEP II: Here you will found a blank box to write your website like below. Write the name of blocked website in the box. 
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STEP III: By default Google Translate will detect the website language you have entered. I entered a website and it detected website's language as English(picture below).
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STEP IV: Now what we have to is to change the language. To change a language just follow the steps mentioned in the below picture:
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In this way you can use Google as your proxy. Do share us if you found this article interesting. Stay tuned with us for more stuff. For any type of help you can drop your comment below.Peace and Blessings.