Monday, 9 July 2012

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Keep your tablets screen clean with a simple method

Tablets with grimy fingerprints and smudges looks ugly and when you go to sale it people will not give you good money for it due to fingerprints. People use different chemicals and spend hours to clean their tablet screen. Here I have a simple trick that everyone can apply in his/her home without and problem. This technique will save your time and will also end your headache on this issue.

Before moving further read the two notes below:
  • This method will work on both capacitive and resistive touch screens.
  • If you already have a screen protector then do not use this method.
Following are the things you will need to clean your your tablet's screen.
  1. Microfiber cloth.
  2. A cup of clean water.
  3. Any chemical use to clean glasses.
  4. Screen protector(optional).
Microfiber cloth is easily available in the market and you can buy it from your nearest store Buy the best microfiber cloth available. Buy any good quality chemical that is used to clean glasses. I will suggest you to buy screen protector in order to safe your tablet from future dust and fingerprints attack!
As soon as you have collected all these things follow the steps below:

  • Dip the corner of microfiber cloth in a little bit clean water and with soft hands clean the tablet screen.
  • Do the above step again if your tablet is not cleaned completely.
  • Unless your screen gets clear and all the dust moves away keep repeating the above steps.
  • To check whether your tablet is clean or not,take your tablet in the sunlight and inspect it.
  • If you are sure that your tablet is clean apply the chemical you have bought.
  • Apply some drops of chemical on the tablet screen and with the microfiber cloth do the swirling motion.
  • Continue this motion for 20-30 seconds.
  • After it you will find your tablet screen as clear as when you bought it.
  • Apply screen protector on your tablet screen to keep it save from the dust and fingerprints.
After following all the steps you will notice that all the fingerprints marks are gone far far away. You can repeat these steps whenever you will find dust marks on your tablet's screen.