Sunday, 8 July 2012

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Turn your iPad into a document camera with the help of a projector

iPad is probably the most powerful and most purchased tablet in the World. You can do a lot with your iPad. In this tutorial I will guide you to on"how to make your iPad a document camera?
Following are the list of those objects you will need to to use in this tutorial:
  • 1 VGA adapter cable.
  • A stand to hold your ipad.
  • A Projector.
  • VGA cable.
As soon as you get all these things use a VGA cable to connect the VGA adapter to the projector.

How to use it as a Document camera:

Connect your ipad with the projector with the help of  VGA cable and VGA adapter. Place your ipad on a stand. Now you have set up a full document viewer. This technique is very helpful for teachers. You can use your ipad in the classroom to teach students more easily. Once you set up all and ready to go just open the camera app and below your ipad's camera place the document you want to show. iPad camera app will shoe the document with the help of projector on a wall or anything you want. Teachers can also snap student's homework using ipad camera app and show it to whole classroom by just a ingle tap. 

Record Demonstrations:

Demonstrations can also be recorded by using ipad. Just switch the camera app into video mode and record your videos with voice narrations. In this teachers can give their student a tutorial or they can record a lecture using their ipad and with the help of projector recorded lectures can be shown to students.