Thursday, 19 July 2012

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Tips to set up your Pinterest board

Pinterest without any doubt is one the most used social network and in a survey it was reported that Pinterest users are growing day by day. People from all around the World are using Pinterest due to its friendly interference and good features. In today's post I will tell you how you can change the arrangement on your pinterest board. Without taking further time let me start the tutorial.

Log in to your pinterest account and click on your profile tab.

After clicking on your profile tab a new screen will appear. Follow the below steps to arrange your boards.

1. Click on the"rearrange button"as mention in the picture.
2. Select and drag your boards where you want to place them.

Click on the"tick"mark to save your arrangement do not click the"cross"mark otherwise you will lose your settings.

If you have lot of boards minimize your screen to see them all.You can minimize your sceen by clicking comment + minus sign and you can maximize your screen by clicking command + plus sign.