Thursday, 18 April 2013

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32.8 Million Androids infected by Malware

A study conducted by NQ Mobile shows that number of Malware threats to Android has increased up to 163% over the past year. Now it has become important for you to install any Antivirus software in your Android to protect your data from the threats.

65,227 Malware were found in 5.3 million Android apps available in different online stores,study suggested.Here is a graph showing the detected Malwares during the last 4 years:

You can clearly see in the above graph that with each passing year number of Malwares in Android is increasing rapidly. In the year 2012, 32.8 million Android phones were infected by Malware. Majority of the infections are spyware and adware and some them are designed to steal your personal data.

Android Malware is increasing day by day and you have to take the precautionary measures to save your Android phone from being infected. Few quick tips to keep your Android phone safe from Malwares are:

  • Install anti-malware programs in your Android phones.
  • Never download and install any pirated app or game.
  • Scan your Android phone once in a week.
  • Keep your antivirus program up to date.
So these quick tips will help you to protect your Android phone from Malwares. What are your views on the increasing numbers of Malwares in Android? What Android Officials should do to control this situation? Do share your thoughts in your comments box below.