Thursday, 18 April 2013

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iPega Gaming Tablet coming in May

Hong Kong company iPega is best known for their quality docks and cases for smartphones and tablets. iPega few days back released a video showing a tablet made for gamers. Yes! iPega's upcoming tablet will enable you to play lots of games in it.

Another picture showing the back of the upcoming iPega tablet:

Another pictures shows the beautiful view of the upcoming tablet:

Final specifications of the tablet are yet to be revealed. It is expected that specifications will be released few days before the release of iPega tablet. But the iPega tablet can come up with quad-core processor,HDMI output,a USB port,WiFi and a headphone jack.

Gamepads on both the sides of touch display makes it super attractive. Moreover it includes a d-pad,analog sticks,and 4 game buttons as well as 4 shoulder buttons.

Here is a video of the upcoming tablet:

Unfortunately,price of the tablet has not yet came out. But as soon as the price of tablet will hit the Internet,we will updates you from it as we always do.

(Source | Liliputing )