Thursday, 18 April 2013

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10,000 iPhones fall like Dominoes

Aatma Studios created a virtual office environment with 10,000 iPho,ne 5s. All the graphics are computer generated and the company had not actually bought these iPhones.Aatma studios have remain active to create viral videos like this one.We will be sharing the video at the end but here is a screenshot taken from the video:

iPhones in the video looks like real but the CEO of the company has already said that this is a complete animated video. The CEO said:
Except the first iPhone that is set off,every other phone you see is computer generated.We modeled,animated and rendered the CG phone where the footage was first motion-tracked and the CG phone was composited over it.
To bring this type of concept in life company would have to spend a whooping amount of six and a half million dollars.So here is the video:

The domino effect spreads in and out of different rooms,riding through numerous potential obstacles.Unlike the real iPhone,NFC(Near Field Communication)technology is added in the iPhones shown in the video. The NFC technology pass contents from iPhone to another thus it creates a beautiful big screen in this video. We are pretty much impressed by the idea of Aatma studios described in the video. Do share your reviews in the comment box below.

(Story via Mashable | Images via Aatma Studios)