Monday, 15 October 2012

How to open Youtube in Pakistan?

Youtube is still banned in Pakistan due to the blasphemous video against the Holy Prophet(SAWW). People now are wondering how they can access youtube in Pakistan. There are many proxy sites that can work to solve this problem. But there's a proxy software UltraSurf that I found best to open blocked websites in Pakistan.

What is Ultrasurf:

Ultrasurf is a free proxy client that enable you to surf the web without any restrictions. Ultrasurf is one of the best proxy client that has several network of proxy servers which is maintained by individuals 24 hours a day.

How to connect through Ultrasurf:

  • Download Ultrasurf on your computer by clicking here.
  • Install Ultrasurf on your desired location.

  • Run Ultrasurf on your PC and enjoy.
NOTE: At the end of the Ultrasurf software window you can see the current status. Be sure to check it. If Ultrasurf fails to connect to the first server. Click on the green button on second or on third number to connect to another server.