Sunday, 21 October 2012

How to remove Vuze toolbar from Chrome?

Recently I downloaded the Vuze Bitorrent client and accidentally installed the Vuze toolbar to my Chrome browser. The toolbar had a very bad effect on it. The toolbar reduces the performance of my browser and websites started taking too much time to load.

I thought it would be easy to remove vuze toolbar from chrome. I removed the toolbar from chrome browser  and uninstalled it from my computer even I removed the Chrome but after re-installing the browser the same problem occurred again.

This was a headache for me till 2-3 days but at last I found the solution for it.Here I am sharing the method to completely remove Vuze toolbar from Google Chrome.

Remove Vuze Toolbar:

To remove Vuze bar completely follow these instructions carefully:
  • Go to Star Menu>Run.
  • Type regedit.
  • This will open the Registry Editor.
  • In registry editor search for "Vuze" by pressing F3 button.
  • Delete each Vuze file from registry editor. There will be around 30-40 files.
  • Press F3 button every time to find the next Vuze file.
  • After deleting all the files from registry editor now go to your Control Panel.
  • Open Add/Remove Program and uninstall Vuze Toolbar from there.
  • Now open your chrome browser and go to Settings>Extensions.
  • Remove Vuze Toolbar extension from it.
In this way you will get rid of vuze toolbar from your Chrome browser. We hope you will get help from this post. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.