Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Top 3 BuySellAds Alternative

We know that BuySell Ads is the best alternative to Google Adsense. But approving your website from BuySell Ads is very hard.You need to have more that 50,000 impressions per month to join BSA network. Buysell Ads do not accept websites with free subdomain like .blogspot or .wordpress. Therefore you should have a TLD to join the BuySell Ads network.

Most of our readers recently contacted me and asked about best alternatives of Buysell Ads. So here I am sharing top 3 alternative of Buysell Ads.

Top 3 Alternatives:


Puxee is the No.1 alternative for buysell ads. Puxee will easily accept you in their network. Puxee is a growing advertising network,fulfilling the needs of both publishers and advertisers.


AdSella is the second best alternative for buysell ads in my opinion.The good thing about Adsella is that they allow websites with subdomain like .blogspot,.wordpress to apply for their network.Adsella takes 20% commission from publisher's earning.

Advertise Space:

Advertise space is also one of the best alternative of Buysell ads. Advertise space provides you oppurtunity to sell ads on your blog/website on monthly basis or CPC(cost per click).You can also sell ads in your Android or iPhone app or game.

These all were the top 3 buysell ads alternatives according to me. We hope you will like this post. Share your opinions in comments.Till our next post keep smiling and stay blessed.