Saturday, 20 April 2013

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Browsers Blocked Bing Over Bad Certificate

Mostly people use Google to search their required information. If you wish to visit Bing,visit it with"https://"and see the magic. Visiting Bing with secure connection will show a warning message in your browser window like the one below:
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As you can see that,Chrome is showing the error. The error is not restricted to Chrome only.We have also faced the same error in Internet Explorer and that showed the same error. See the image below:

The error is occurring due to problems in the certificate. The certificate is managed by Akamai which front-ends Bing for Microsoft.Moreover it shows the following error in Firefox:
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According to ArsTechnica other Akamai customers such as are also facing the same problem. They are also affected by the malformed certificates. Here is a screenshot taken when we tried to visit NBA with secure connections:

Source | ArsTechnica