Wednesday, 18 July 2012

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5 Killer Tips To Keep Your Social Media Audience Managed

Social media audeince can worth a lot for you. They can grow your business or your blog/website. It is better to keep them managed so you won't lose them. Following are some steps which will led you to manage your social audience.

1. Keep replying to your audience:

Most of the companies answer to their customers queries as soon as possible. So remember to reply them otherwise you can lose your customers. You sholud not keep posting your updates on your platform but try to figure out the problems of your customers and solve them. In this way you can increase you fan following or you can say your client will increase day by day due to your quick support towards your customers.

Most surveys told that around most European companies reply to their customers problem via Social media. Almost 57 percent companies of the World reply to their customers and remaining keep posting their updates. By doing so,they lost their customer's trust and their subscription also.

2.Remain Honest:

Your customer shows trust on you and invests in your brand.You should remain honest. Following are some poins to be consider:

  • Reply to your customer's question honestly.
  • Don't guide him wrong. If you don't know the solution of customer problem ask your seniors or your team to help you.
  • Remain calm whenever your customers criticized you.

3.Use Social network to bring traffic to your site:

If you are a small buisness owner and don't have enough budget to bring audience to your site through advertisement try social networks. Social media will help you to bring more audience to your site. You can use the popular social media sites like facebook,twitter and pinterest. Before sharing your site on social networks keep these things in your mind:

  • Keep your fans&followers informed by posting daily or weekly.
  • Communicate with your customers.
  • Be sure to reply your customers whenever they post something.

4. Start with Good Content:

It is very important that you should start whatever you want to do with unique and new ideas. Do not copy other. Do not show yourself to the people if you are not ready. First build your quality content and when you find that you are ready to take up the task introduce yourself to others. By originol and good content you will be able to attract audience.

5. Always say Thank You:

Whenever you follower appreciate you on your work do not forget to say"Thank You".  Saying Thank you to your customers will motivate them to share your contents on other networks.

Following the above steps will help you to make a better interaction with your audience. You can also increase your fan following. Hope you have enjoyed the article. Have your comment below.