Saturday, 7 July 2012

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iOS Tablets vs Android Tablets:Which worths more?

Photo Credit: Cellphonecity
Introduction of tablets in the market made computing power more convenient and easy to use. Within the introduction of tablets,people became aware of computing powers and wonders. Software developers are also getting paid by developing beautiful apps for these tablets.

If we talk about the tablets,we get two names in our mind.
One is for sure Apple's tablet and second one is Android tablets. The Apple tablet runs on operating system named as iOS which is developed by Apple Inc. The Android tablets runs on Android OS powered by Google.
iOS is exclusively for Apple products while Android is an open source and anyone can play with it without taking and tension of copyright issues. Moving to tablets we assume that iOS and Android tablets have almost same structure. Both operating system tablets have touch screen and also performs in the same manner. Both operating system have their own App stores. From which the user can download thousands of free and paid apps. At present Apple's app store has more apps and games as compared to Google Play(previously Android Market). A survey shows that Android is getting popular day by day while Apple is still popular among the US citizens. Android is popular due to its different products. Android tablets are available from 85$ to 500$ while ipads will cost you more than 400$.

Question arises here that which offer better products? It is really hard to deduct a result on some certain criteria. iOS and Android tablets are manufactured with enough powers to handle different tasks. Every person has its own choice and choice changes from person to person.

iPad is the only tablet with different variants although there is a slight difference between iPad 2 and the "new"iPad. On the other hand Android due to its open source is installed in different tablets by different manufacturers so you have the choice to select a brand of your own choice.

Both systems are widely available. So it depends upon the person which OS he want to go with. As I said earlier that it is a matter of choice and it changes from person to person. Those who owns iPad will tell you that it is the best tablet available. Those who prefer flexibility and freedom will choose Android. It is better to use both before you decide to buy any of them.