Thursday, 9 August 2012

Google Nexus 7 in Pakistan: Price and Place To Buy

Google Nexus 7 was the most  anticipated tablet of the year 2012. After the announcement of Google Nexus 7 it got millions of pre-orders. The Nexus 7 made debut in the moth of July with stunning features and affordable prices. Nexus 7 was shipped with the latest version 4.1 JellyBean all around the World.The device comes with stunning 7'' inch display and with a powerful quad-core Tegra 3 processor powered by ASUS.

With Google Nexus 7 you can surf the web upto 10 hours and watch HD videos for 9 hours. Nexus 7 promises to have long lasting battery that charges less and last for long. Android 4.1 changes the web surfing experience. Making the Chrome browser default browser for Nexus 7 gives enrich web browsing. The stunning display makes it easy to play HD games.

As the whole World awaited for this tablet Android users in Pakistan also waited to get their hands on this powerful tablet.

Where to buy Google Nexus 7 in Pakistan:

Google Nexus 7 although is not available in the markets of Pakistan but some online stores have offered this tablet. Below I will provide the list of two best online stores of Pakistan where you should look for online shopping. This list is made on my personal experience. claim themselves as the largest online store. They have very good customers support and delivery services. The prices of offered products are low as compare to their online competitors. offers delivery at door step.
Nexus 7 at Homeshopping's Head Office

This online store is offering Nexus 7 with a price tag of Rs.29,990 with one year warranty of their own. Homeshopping promises to deliver this device in 5-10 working days anywhere in Pakistan. The delivery charges are Rs.300(people living outside Karachi)and Rs.150(for the residents of Karachi). Those who wishes to buy this tablet and living somewhere in Karachi can directly go to homeshopping's head office and can get this tablet without paying an extra single penny.
You can order your Nexus 7 here.
NOTE: are selling the 8GB version of Nexus 7 for Rs.29,990. They don't offers 16GB version now.

iShopping is the second largest online store if Pakistan. iShopping has also offered the Nexus 7 but with both 8GB and 16GB version. The price of 8GB version is Rs.28,000 and for 16GB is Rs.34,500. offers delivery at door step for free of cost anywhere in Pakistan. also promises to deliver this product within 5-10 days. 
To place your order for 8GB Google Nexus 7 click here.
To place your order for 16GB Google Nexus 7 click here.

Before taking your final decision to buy Nexus 7 or not have a look at the below.
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