Sunday, 21 April 2013

How Twitter and Reddit Got Boston Marathon Bombings Wrong

On social media sites like Reddit and Twitter a topic burst up that a student Sunil Tripathi is one of the suspects accused of bombings in Boston Marathon. Sunil Tripathi has vanished few weeks ago and due to his vanishing social media sites started blaming him for the blasts.

Sunil's sister Sangeeta Tripathi in an interview to a news channel said:
Someone will tweet,then retweet,and completely unsubstantiated things can proliferate so rapidly and destructively.
Further she said:
Those night hours were terrible when my brother was accused for bomb blasts.
After several hours,NBC news reported that the police was looking for two brother,Tamerlan and Dzhokhar .Tripathi's news came to an end when the police announced that they arrested the two brother,one of them died later.

Reddit general manager Erik Martin apologized to the Tripathi family yesterday and pledged a review of police. He said:
All of the people working on Reddit,and the millions of people on Reddit,everyone needs to make sure that they are helping and not hindering a crisis situation.
Ben Smith the editor of Buzzfeed,also defended his reporters,who played vital roles in spreading the rumor of Tripathi on Twitter. He said:
Our reporters were doing their best to provide readers"context"to information swirling around the Internet.
On Friday,people on Reddit started a new campaign to find to help locate Sunil Tripathi.

(Source | The Independent)


Mehwish said...

I have read your post with deep interest. It is about the student sunil Tripathi, who is vanished few weeks ago. hopefully police will find him as soon as possible, all matter will get solved.