Tuesday, 18 September 2012

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Youtube Blocked in Pakistan

After the blasphemy videos appeared on Youtube and after the Muslim protest all over the World,many Muslim countries have blocked Youtube or the video link on Youtube. Today Pakistani Government and Chief Justice of Pakistan ordered Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to block Youtube and all other links that are showing blasphemy videos.

Pakistani Interior Minister and PTA also wrote a letter to Google and Youtube to block all the links related to videos. But Google denied the request from Pakistani government. After the deny Pakistani Government finally blocked Youtube in Pakistan.

A message showing when opening Youtube from a local Internet Provider:

I am not posting this post to target someone's or their religion. But we being human should respect each other. Islam is not a religion of terrorism. It doesn't  teaches to hurt anyone. It's a religion of Peace.
Making films and calling it"Freedom Of Expression" is not a right way.

Each and every Muslim is strongly protesting against the disrespect of our beloved Prophet(SAWW). Being a Muslim I also records my protest against the man who disrespected our Prophet(SAWW).

If you found any link sharing the blasphemy video write a complaint to PTA complaint@pta.gov.pk.

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