Thursday, 20 September 2012

PTA ready to take down Mobile Services in Pakistan On Friday

We recently wrote a post about the blasphemy video on Youtube. After the video was released on Youtube Muslims all over the World started protesting against the video. They demanded Google and Youtube to remove the video from Youtube and block all the links containing the blasphemy video.

But Google denied the demand and the video was not removed. Video is still on Youtube and people can watch it. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority after a great protest from Pakistani people and from Pakistani social media PTA blocked Youtube in Pakistan.

Government of Pakistan also protested against US government on high level and Interior Minister of Pakistan Abdul Rehman Malik after the cabinet meeting announced Friday holiday all over the country and mentioned to celebrate Friday as Prophet(SAWW) day.

Rumors are up that on Friday due to terrorist attacks PTA has decided to block the mobile services in Pakistan but this not yet confirmed and none of the mobile operators of Pakistan has received such type of notices to block their services in Pakistan.

Another rumor is that mobile services can remain block in Pakistan from 9 AM to 11 PM.