Wednesday, 26 September 2012

SEOMoz special offer for Namecheap Customers

There are really two methods of doing SEO. One is simple and the other is really difficult. The simple way to do it includes using as much automated as possible. That is why applications like SENuke X and Position Designer are so well-known for developing up your web page. They help you to develop the inbound links that you need for your web page.

The other 50 percent of SEO is of course general industry trends and analysis on the opponents. That is where SEOMoz comes in. They offer a assistance which allows you have your own web page examined so that you can see which issues you may be having with it and where your rank is.

The assistance also allows you examine on opponents to see what they are up to and what they are doing about position well in the SERPs. There are other factors of it, but essentially, that’s what SEOMoz does – they let you do analysis on your web page and rival's websites.

The other factor, which creates them exclusive, as opposed to a large number of other SEO items in the marketplace is the they have their own hosting server town where they spider the web consistently to examine on various websites and offer you with up to now details about your web page and opponents.

SEOMoz Offer:

SEOMoz is not free to join. Although you can have a free 30 days trial. But after 30 days SEOMoz will start charging you. You can cancel the trial before the 30 days completion. This trial is available for everyone. But SEOMoz has offered a great deal for Namecheap customers. Namecheap customers can now get 4 months of trial from SEOMoz.

 How to get this offer:

  • Go to special offer by SEOMoz by clicking here.
  • Click on Start Your 120 Day Trial button at top right.
  • Fill all the information correctly and give your billing address.
  • At the left of the Sign Up window you will find the Purchase Summary. 
You can clearly see the Free Trial days and days mentioned in the Purchase summary.
  • Agree to their Terms&Conditions.
  • Click on the Submit My Order to get your free trial.