Monday, 24 September 2012

Root Qmobile Noir A2 with simple steps

We have discussed Qmobile Noir A2 specifications a few months back. After using Noir A2 I found too many storage problems due to its low internal memory and RAM.I received many emails from our daily readers to solve the memory problem of Qmobile Noir A2. Therefor few days ago I decided to root my Android to get full control of it. If you are rooting your device for the first time,you should know what is rooting and what troubles it can cause you?

Rooting Your Android:

Rooting your Android enables you to take full control of your Android devices. By rooting you can delete all unnecessary Android apps that your phone manufacturer installed. In Noir A2 there are also sone unnecessary apps likes Talking Tom Cat(hate this app),Angry bird and Saavan. These three apps and some other apps are causing internal memory for most of the Noir users.

What you should know before rooting:

Rooting your Android device is not a rocket science. Many apps in the Play store are available that will root your Android device easily. But if the process gone wrong,your software may get damaged or your phone get bricked. Brick means that your phone will require a factory restore setup to come in working condition again. Rooting your phone can void your phone's warranty. But that's not a big deal you can revert rooting process by using apps available in Play store.

What to do before rooting:

Make a backup of your Android device such as contacts and messages. If you are using SD card on your Android remove it before starting the rooting process. 

Root your Android:

As I mentioned earlier that Rooting your Android device is not a rocket science. If you are afraid of doing it or you are doing for the first time here I have simple and safe steps for you. We will use SuperOne Click.

"This method is first tested on my Android device.Continue it on your own risk!We will be not responsible if rooting process caused any damage to your device."

Before installing SuperOne Click you should have the following:

  • If you are installing SuperOne Click on Windows Xp you should have .NET Framework v2.0 or above.
  • Install Qmobile Noir A2 drivers. Drivers are available in the manufacturer CD that came in the box or you can download Qmobile Noir A2 drivers from Qmobile's official website.
  • Enable USB debugging mode on your Android.
  • To enable debugging mode go to Settings>Applications>Development. Enable debugging mode from their.

  • Unmount(remove) your SD card before rooting(Recommended).
After completing all the steps above,follow these steps:

  • Download and Install SuperOne Click from here.
  • Connect your Android device to your computer via USB cable.
  • Click on the Root button on SuperOne Click.
Finally you rooted your Android phone. To appreciate please share this article with your friends. Stay blessed.

UPDATE:SuperOne Click is no more working due to some technical issues. Unfortunately you can't root your Noir A2 from this method. I will try my best to bring new method for rooting Qmobile Noir A2.
Muhammad Usama Siddiqui.