Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tutorial to use Google Maps app in iOS 6

iOS 6 decided outrun Google Maps, so you can try out the new Apple Maps application.
However, after testing the new Apple maps that are full of errors many have tried to regain the service of Google Maps on their Smartphone’s, and now we explain how to keep using Google Maps with iOS 6.

With this guide, you can re-use Google maps on Apple devices, although it is not as a complete version as it should be, but is much better than the inaccurate Apple maps.

Tutorial how to use Google Maps in iOS 6:

  • Open the Safari browser and enter the following link: Google Maps UK.
  • Click on 'OK' when a notification window appears asking if you agree that Google Maps use your current location.
  • When the web page finishes loading, click the icon 'Share' which is on center of the menu bar at the bottom, by selecting 'Add to Desktop'.
  • Ready, now you have the Google Maps icon again in your home screen, you just need an Internet connection to enjoy the useful new features of Google service in respective Apple devices.
  • We hope soon as to resolve issues with Apple Maps or have a more complete version of Google Maps for iOS 6; hopefully this short guide has been helpful.

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