Thursday, 12 April 2012

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Ufone introduces new Infoservice/Entertainment- MyUfone

Myufone service provides customer interesting entertainment news,daily
horoscopes,breaking news and much more. This service was introduced by
Ufone yesterday.

Requirements for this service:

As Ufone says"You just need to be interested. We'll do the rest". You
don't need to have a smartphone nor any expensive phone. With just a
simple phone you can enjoy this great service.

Methods to subscribe:

Ufone has introduced three methods to subscribe Myufone service.

Method I:

Go to Ufone's website. Create account there. Then Login into account
and choose which service do you want to subscribe i.e,Daily breaking
news,entertainment news,horoscope etc.

Method II:

You can also subscribe to this service by just going to ufone sim icon
placed in your phone's menu. Tab Entertainment category and you are
Final and the easiest method is via sms:

Method III:

Go to your create message option>write message>Write HN and send it to 120.
With all these methods ufone has abled their user to choose the time
they want to recieve the notifications.

Official pictures found on Ufone's website:

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