Thursday, 12 April 2012

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Mobilink offered 3 New Internet Packages

Official Picture by Mobilink World
It was not long ago when Mobilink introduced daily internet package
for Jazz and Jazba customers. This package gain some appreciation but
due to insufficient data(50mb per day)many customers moved to other
networks like ufone and zong as they offered good and cheap internet
packages as compared to Mobilink.
Few day ago,Mobilink ended their 24 hour internet package and
yesterday they introduced three new packages. In which:
1)Daily Internet Package.
2)Weekly Internet Package.
3)Monthly Internet Package.

Daily Internet Package:

Mobilink has lower down the subscription charges of daily internet
package. Previously it was Rs 9.99+tax. Now they have lowers down the
cost to Rs 7.99 including all taxes.


To subscribe to daily internet package dial *114*1#.


To unsubscribe the service dial *114*1*4#

NOTE:With this package you will be given a small data plan of 10mb.
This means you can only surf internet upto 10mb.

Weekly Internet Package:

After Zong has taken initial step towards weekly internet package.
Mobilink has also introduced their weekly internet bundle.
You can get weekly internet package for Rs.39.99+tax which is little
bit expensive then zong's weekly package.

How to Subscribe:

Dial *114*7#.

How to Unsubscribe:

Dial *114*7*4#


Weekly Internet Package by Mobilink is little expensive and do not
allows the user to surf internet for hour or two hour as provided by
Zong. With this package you will be given a data plan of 50mb to surf
for a whole week. That's really sound shit. While in Zong you can get
2 hours daily for surfing(Monday to Friday) and unlimited surfing on
saturday and sunday. This package by Mobilink is really very bad.

Monthly Internet Package:

After ufone and zong,mobilink for the first time has introduced
monthly package.

How to Subscribe:

For subscription dial *114*30#

How to Unsubscribe:

Dial *114*30*4#.


Like all the packages above this is also not a very attractive
package. As user is restricted to use only 200mb of data plan for an
expensive price of Rs.99.99+tax(expensive if you compare the data plan
with zong's 2gb package).