Sunday, 15 April 2012

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Samsung Galaxy Note with Sale!

Reading the heading you are thinking about the sale. You want to know
from where you can buy it and for how much?
I think the picture above says all!
Yes,the biggest online store of Pakistan is selling the Galaxy Note
for a price of Rs.49,5000(both in black and pure white color). The
Galaxy note comes with a 5.3" Amoled touchscreen and a powerful 1.4
Ghz processor. It runs each and every single app and game available in
the google play. You can use it is a tablet and as a smartphone. The
big screen gives you a innovative experience which you do not have
You are now thinking that how a giant will fit into your pockets? Am i
right? But you don't have to think too much. Before i bought it i also
have the same thoughts but after buying it changed my thinking.
Although it not completely fits in the pocket but also don't come out
of it. You will feel some difficulty to fit it into your pocket but
using this you will enjoy alot and will forget how to fit in the
pocket seriously:)
Pakistani citizens can order their note on and people
living also order a note.
For more informations or you have any confusion leave your problem or
feedback in the comment box below. I will feel happy to help you.