Tuesday, 24 April 2012

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Juro Gay To Jaano Gay!

I hope that many of you have already heard this song"Juro Gay To Jaano Gay"by Atif Aslam. Mobilink has recently appointed Atif Aslam as their new face for the new SIM which is dedicated to Youths. This sim has been named as Jazba Data Generations.Here is the song:
To view Atif's new Juro Gay To Jaano Gay Song click here.
 Name shows that the sim is will attract the data generations because in our country Pakistan,sms packages are widely and mostly used.Then comes the number of internet packages. Many telecom companies are working to provide cheapest internet bundles to their customers but it seems like Ufone has taken the lead. But wait,we can't come to the results right now. As Mobilink has also jumped into the ground and has started running in the race of Internet Bundles. Under Jazz Jazba they have introduced new internet packages and they claim that there speed is"faster than the blink of your eye". Ufone also claims that they have faster internet speed than all the telecom network providers in Pakistan.
To enjoy this service you have to buy a new Jazba Sim Card and remember you have to buy only and only the Jazba Data Generation sim. Otherwise you will be unable to enjoy the packages.

Here is a graph showing Data Packages,their prices,subscriptions and unsubscription commands.
Graph Showing Data Packages