Friday, 13 April 2012

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UC Browser 8.2.1 released all over the World

UC Browser one of the fastest and the most downloaded chinese browser has realeased their updated version i.e. 8.2.1. Previously their version was 8.0.1. Yesterday UC Browser's new version was made available for all over the world and now it is downloadable from their website.
Yesterday in UC's official tweet they tweeted that the version is now available with a new look and having a new feature. I downloaded the version yesterday and here are some Screenshots of this version.


Due to defect in my camera,i was unable to snap good quality photos.
Welcome Screen: Here you can see that the color of Welcome Screen is totally different from the other UC Browser versions.

 Installing Language:When you will install UC Browser for the very first time. It will test your Network speed and ask you to install language from the list given. Following languages are supported for UC Browser 8.2.1

  • English-India
  • English-Indonesia
  • English-Nigeria
  • English-United States
  • English-Others
  • Portugues-Brasil

Inside Menu: 

After Welcome Screen and finally after the installation of language you will be able to see the Home Screen.Following two are pictures of  Home screen with open menu. There are three classic shortcut buttons available on the top of the broser:
  • Downloads
  • Home
  • Bookmarks

New Feature:

UC Browser in their latest update has introduced a latest feature called Quick Reads.
Quick Reads enables the user to read online books and catch the latest news of his region.

NOTE: Quick Reads feature will only work properly in selected regions.

Here are some snaps:

You can download the latest version from or from UC Browser's Official website www.