Thursday, 21 June 2012

Wi-tribe announced Avenger lucky winners

Wi-tribe announced the Avenger game competition winners. Avenger was a flash game provided by Wi-tribe on their official website.The game was all about being a superhero who was given different tasks and missions. This game got a great response from Wi-tribe fans. Wi-tribe announced these winners yesterday on their Official website and on their facebook fan page.

Winners were choosen on the basis of most scores done during the game play. The gift for winners was Xbox 360 with Kinect. 3 winners were announced as a result of lucky draw. Winners list with their nick are:

  • Muhammad Rizwan Ahmed from Karachi.
  • Rizwan also from Karachi
  • Ishtiaq Ahmad from Faisalabad.
Wi-tribe has told that the gifts of lucky winners are already been sent and they will soon receive their prices. Wi-tribe has also shown interest to bring such great offers in the future.