Sunday, 24 June 2012

Galaxy Pocket: Cheapest Samsung Android Phone in Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy Mini
Samsung recently beaten Nokia and won the race of smartphone king. Yes,Nokia was the king of smartphone leader for 14 years. After the huge success of remarkable Samsung Galaxy SII,Samsung lead the smartphone market. Samsung is still the smartphone leader and is now working to bring Android smartphones at low levels. Samsung introduced Galaxy Mini few months back which was not a successful phone due to the difference in its specifications and price.

Keeping in view the need of low and middle class smartphone lovers Samsung introduced Galaxy Y which was a major hit. Going further Samsung has introduced the Galaxy Pocket and this little smartphone is available in Pakistan at cheap price. Following picture will show you the specifications of Galaxy Pocket.

Galaxy Pocket do not looks promising to deliver the taste of android due to its small screen. The 2 megapixel fixed focus camera is too bad when it comes to photography. Most of Android apps and games also require large screen to play them which for sure will not work on Galaxy pocket. The price of Samsung Galaxy Pocket in Pakistan is Rs.10,300.  I think it will be not a good deal to buy this cellphone at more than 100$. Samsung Galaxy Y or HTC Explorer are the best alternatives of this phone and both the phones are 700-100PKR are expensive than Galaxy Pocket. Samsung Galaxy Y and HTC Explorer are priced as Rs.12000 and Rs.12,490 respectively.